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Congreso AATSP, Acapulco, 2004



The Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad

For Elementary and Middle School Students

Pam Wink
National Director
100 Bittersweet Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone/fax: 502-875-1989

The Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is a new organization for elementary and middle school students and their teachers. In order to have a chapter, the teachers must be members of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, our parent organization. We have a "sister society", the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, which is an honorary society for high school students. Because there are almost an infinite number of program styles for Spanish in elementary and middle schools, we designed the SHA to be flexible and curriculum friendly. Schools may elect to have either Regular Members, Honor Members, or both. Elementary and middle schools which offer only exploratory programs usually have Regular Members only. Middle schools which offer Spanish I and above usually have Honor Members, since this membership requires that the chapter establish minimum grade requirements. Some middle schools offer both types of memberships, with the Honor Membership for their most outstanding students. Both Regular and Honor Members are required to participate in projects. The projects are divided into three categories:

Ambassadorship (focus on using the language to share with others)

1. Be a pen pal with a student in a Spanish-speaking country or an SHA member in another chapter.
2. Tutor other students.

Service to School

1. Sponsor a foreign language week of activities for your
school--poster contests, special foods and music, etc.
2. Prepare and serve a Hispanic meal for the teachers in your

Service to Community

1. Make Christmas ornaments with Hispanic themes--donate them
to a retirement home, community center, etc.
2. Incorporate Hispanic music and dance into a school program for
parents and community members.

In order to establish a chapter, the teacher must hold current membership in AATSP. The teacher fills out a one page charter application. There is a $25 charter fee. The fee and application are sent to me. You receive an SHA notebook containing our Handbook with rules for operation, our Constitution, suggestions for projects, text for induction ceremonies, etc. You also receive a charter for framing and display. When your students are ready to be inducted, there is a $5 per member fee for registration, postage, and handling to mail certificates of membership for each student.