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Congreso AATSP, Acapulco, 2004



Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

sponsored by

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese


Judith Park and Ursula Sihocky

SHH National Directors

P.O. Box 5318, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-5318,

Phone: 847-550-0455



The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, was formally organized in 1953 as the Spanish National Honor Society, and the name was changed in 1959.

The purpose is to recognize high student achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote a continuity of interest in Hispanic Studies.
All secondary schools of recognized standing are eligible for membership. Chapter sponsors must be active members of the AATSP. For information about joining the AATSP, please visit their web site at
Qualifications for Chapter Membership
A regularly enrolled student who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish for a minimum of three semesters is eligible. While the definition of "honor average" is left to the discretion of the individual sponsor, it must be remembered that the SHH is an honor society for those students with high academic achievement. Membership must be open to only the best Spanish and Portuguese students. Each chapter must decide what will be required and should write the rules and keep them.
Name of Chapter
Each chapter has a Spanish name chosen by the members; e.g., the Cervantes Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. The name of a literary or historical person is preferred. Since names of the chapters cannot be duplicated within a state, send at least eight choices in order of preference.
Charter Fee
The charter fee of $25.00 along with the charter application must be sent to the SHH National Office. This is a one-time fee paid only the first year. There is a $5.00 charge to renew the charter should the chapter become inactive. You will be notified once your charter has been approved and will receive instructions on how to induct members.
Membership Fee
A one-time fee of $5.00 per student must be paid before the initiation. Please complete the membership application with the names of all new members and submit it with a check to the SHH National Office. Membership certificates will be mailed shortly afterwards to the chapter sponsor. Orders for certificates may be sent at any time during the school year. Orders must be on official order forms that you can download from the SHH web site.
The National Constitution is located on this site. Each school should write its own constitution that contains the particular requirements for membership in your school and reasons for which a student's membership could be revoked. A copy of your constituion should be on file in you principal's office.

Initiation Ritual
Spanish and English versions are sent with each charter, and both are located on this site.
Certificado de Excelencia
This certificate may be awarded to the chapter member in Spanish II, III and advanced classes with the highest average. Request certificates from the SHH National Director. See Becas y Premios for information.
Certificado por Servicios
The certificate may be awarded to chapter members who have rendered meritorious service. Request certificates from the SHH National Director. See Becas y Premios for information.
Premio de Honor
One certificate each year may be awarded to the best graduating senior member of the SHH in each chapter. Request the certificate from the SHH National Director. There is no charge. Names submitted before March 1, 2004 will be printed in ¡Albricias!. See Becas y Premios for information.
SHH Journal
¡Albricias!, the outstanding publication of our society, contains student contributions, general information, and lists of new chapters and sponsors and is distributed to sponsors free four times per year. Cash awards are presented to students for contributions that are published.
Becas y Premios
Becas y Premios contains all the information for the awards plus the applications. All active SHH sponsors should receive the packet the first week in December of each year.
Official Recognition Items
You may order pins, keys, mugs, honor cords, tassels and other articles such as tee-shirts, sweats, and caps in official colors from National Awards. See complete info in the Becas y Premios packet or visit the web site.